Northwest NEWS

May 28, 2001


'ALL ACCESS' takes audiences behind scenes

by Deborah Stone
   The exciting new IMAX film, "ALL ACCESS: Front Row. Backstage. LIVE!", recently opened at the Pacific Science Center's Boeing IMAX Theater.
   In this rock and roll event of the year, audiences are given an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the mega-concert, featuring live musical performances by several multi-Grammy Award-winning stars.Viewers witness rehearsals, sound checks and backstage preparation, as well as intimate offstage moments and larger-than-life performances as the film pays respect to the amazing power and spirit of rock and roll music.
   To create this experience for audiences, producers Jon and Peter Shapiro combined some of today's most compelling solo artists with a collection of collaborative performances. Those participating in the film include legendary artists Carlos Santana, B.B. King, George Clinton, Sting, and Al Green, and contemporary artists Moby, Sheryl Crow, Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty), Dave Matthews Band, Mary J. Blige, Kid Rock, Macy Gray, The Roots, Trey Anastasio (Phish) and Cheb Mami. The performers featured in "ALL ACCESS" have won a combined total of 13 Grammy Awards in 2000, with Carlos Santana earning a record-tying eight Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Rock Album. Additional Grammy Awards went to Sting for Best Pop Album and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Sheryl Crow for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, B.B. King for Best Traditional Blues Album and The Roots for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.
   "All ACCESS" is a visual thrill on the giant IMAX screen, allowing audiences to get an up close and personal view of these talented rock stars, as well as an understanding of the process involved in putting together a mega-concert. It is a wonderful opportunity to listen in on the intimate thoughts, feelings and visions of individuals who have directly been responsible for shaping the music scene in this country. Artists speak freely about their own careers, sharing their experiences with music and their ideas about its future direction.
   The backstage madness that occurs before a major concert opens is made accessible to viewers as they witness electricians adjusting speakers, musicians tuning their instruments, sound engineers working on mixing boards, artists warming up their voices and stretching their muscles and technicians conducting final sound checks. The crowd can be heard applauding in anticipation while final adjustments are made and then the band quickly gathers in the wings, as the lights dim and the fans roar. It's finally showtime and the performances begin.
   The talents of such gifted artists are magnified by the IMAX technology, treating audiences to a full sensory experience that allows them to feel more as participants, rather than as passive observers. The music is infectious, inspirational and electrifying, weaving a hypnotic spell among the crowds present at the performances, as well as among those viewing the film. "ALL ACCESS" is a testament to the masters of music and to the power of music's ability to communicate. The film runs through Sept. 3. For ticket and information, call (206) 443-IMAX.