Northwest NEWS

May 28, 2001


Police Beat

   May 22: Police responded to the report of an auto theft in the 17600 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road. The victim reported that a few days earlier a friend had approached her asking for a place to stay. The suspect and her son recently became homeless and the victim took them into her home.
   Three days later the suspect asked to borrow the car in order to drive to work.The victim agreed and it was arranged that the suspect would drop the victim off at work, take the car and the victim's cell phone and return later in the day to pick the victim up from work.
   About an hour before the victim got off work, she called her friend and told her to meet her in one hour. However, the suspect did not arrive as planned. After waiting15 minutes, the victim called her cell phone again to discover that it had been turned off. Several hours later the victim was able to get a ride home from a co-worker. The victim waited until the next morning to see if the suspect would return, but when she hadn't, the victim called police and reported the theft.
   May 22: Around noon a home owner in the 16200 block of NE 180th Street stopped by his vacant new home. The home owner checks on the new house once a day since they haven't moved in yet. Upon entering the kitchen, he found a still smoking pipe sitting on the counter. He immediately searched the house but did not find any damaged or stolen property. However, the row boat outside had been taken out of the water and placed on the dock. The home owner told police he thought it was probably kids who entered the house. Police booked the drug paraphernalia and a cloth bag into evidence for further testing and analysis.
   May 20: At 5 p.m. police responded to an assault in the 18100 block of 142nd Avenue NE. The parties were separated by police and questioned. The victim reported that both were involved in a verbal argument when the suspect grabbed her glasses off her face. In the process the suspect hit the victim in the head. The suspect then took the glasses and threw them on the ground scratching the lenses. The case has been forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.
   May 16: A business in the 14200 block of NE 193rd Place reported stolen tools and a stereo. Police arrived and took statements from employees. However, none of the employees had actually seen the property removed. The victim and owner of the business was not present. Police made numerous attempts to contact the owner, including phone calls and visits to the business, but to no avail. Since the owner would not cooperate with the police investigation, the case is closed.