Northwest NEWS

May 28, 2001


Water District wins award

Woodinville Water District recently received a first-place award from the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Waterworks Association (PNWS-AWWA) for its 2000 Water Quality Report. The first-place award was given to Woodinville Water District in the category of a medium-sized utility for the quality of the information and graphics of their piece.
   The water quality report is a required piece mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department of Health. Water systems are required to send out this report by July 1 of each year. Each year's report is required to use specific language and be developed in such a manner that the public will want to read it and save it for future reference.
   Woodinville Water District has over 12,700 meter connections and is required to make a good faith effort to provide the report for each household, business, apartment or condominium resident and residents on private wells within its 29 square mile service area. Woodinville Water District sent out its 2001 Water Quality Report to its customers the first week of May.
   PNWS-AWWA serves the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. AWWA is dedicated to the promotion of public heath and welfare in the provision of drinking water of unquestionable quality and sufficient quantity.
   AWWA is proactive and effective in advancing the technology, science, management and government policies relative to the stewardship of water.
   The Pacific Northwest Section (PNWS) of AWWA is dedicated to providing leadership to the drinking water profession in the Pacific Northwest in areas of drinking water quality, water resource policy, and water-related planning issues.