Northwest NEWS

May 28, 2001


Videos feature Northwest history

Washington state history teaching materials written by Northwest broadcaster Don McCune are now available. McCune wrote and narrated programs about Northwest heritage and history for 50 years, from 1943 until his death in 1993. Many people remember him as "Captain Puget."
   For 21 years (1960-1981) McCune was the writer and narrator of KOMO TV's "Exploration Northwest" series. Over 400 outdoor adventure programs were produced; the show won 26 Emmy Awards for broadcast excellence.
   Titles of the "School Video Collection" include: "Puget Sound Maritime History," "Logging History," "Salmon Ecology," "Puget Sound Tugboats," "The Potholes Ecosystem," "Makah Indians," "Nez Perce Indians," "Columbia River History," "The Alaska Pipeline" and "The Great Seattle Fire."
   A teaching guide, a summary of main concepts learned in the program, classroom discussion questions with the answers, a student worksheet with questions and space for answers, suggestions for further study, and vocabulary with definitions are also included.
   The "Exploration Northwest" School Video Collection and Teaching Guide are available only through The Don McCune Library.
   For additional information, call (206) 726-2650 or e-mail