Northwest NEWS

May 28, 2001


Deadline nears for enrollment in (GET) program

The deadline is June 30 for those parents or grandparents interested in enrolling their children in Washington's Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program at this year's price.
   GET offers the opportunity to buy future tuition units at today's price, effectively locking in the cost of college tuition at any public college in the state, at today's rate.
   Today, the cost of four years' tuition, room, board and books at a Washington public college or university is nearly $50,000; in 18 years, when a newborn enters college, the cost could rise to nearly $120,000.
   All money invested in the GET program is 100 percent guaranteed by the State of Washington.
   "This program offers families an excellent way to put money away for college," said Betty Lochner, Director of the GET program. "With college tuition rising about 7 percent annually, locking in tuition costs now makes sense. And with the guarantee of the state behind it, families have the confidence of knowing their investment is secure and not subject to the changes in the financial markets."
   Investing in GET accounts is easy. Families can request enrollment packages by calling toll-free:1-877-GET-TUIT(1-877-438-8848), or by visiting the Web