Northwest NEWS

June 4, 2001


Parents should join PTSA to make a difference

This is a response to the May 28 Woodinville Weekly letter devoted to the issues of bullying and harassment, drug and alcohol use from the "Concerned parents at Woodinville High School" who say "this behavior is not being dealt with head-on by Woodinville High School."
   I am always suspicious of people who won't sign their names. I find it hard to think they are very serious about their viewpoints. And yet these are very serious issues facing our kids and the educators working with them.
   WHS is a fairly typical high school. There are students with bullying/harassment and substance abuse problems. Fault finding and blaming are not going to solve these problems.
   Maybe it was lack of information or time. Certainly there seems to be interest on the part of the "concerned parents." Whatever the reason, I am wondering if they attended any of the four WHS PTSA General Membership meetings this school year devoted to the issues they raised in their letter.
   The meetings included "Safety at School" (a school and community professional panel) in October; "Harassment Hurts" (bullying workshop with Deb Drain from the Kirkland P.D.) in January; "An Evening For Our Kids" (SU's David Scratchley's drug and alcohol presentation and student panel) in March; and "The Parent Party Patrol" in April.
   In every news article, I invited all parents to attend and join with us to become better educated and try to find solutions to these vexing problems.
   The PTSA is an organization committed to all kids. It is a powerful parent group that can and does influence public policy and legislation. Membership is open to all. If you want to know what's happening, join up (dues are about $12), sign up for a committee, attend the meetings, get to know people, and voice your opinions. For more information call WHS at (425) 489-6700.
   Melissa Holmes,
   WHS PTSA president, 2000-2001