Northwest NEWS

June 4, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Parents should join PTSA to make a difference

*This is a response to the May 28 Woodinville Weekly letter devoted to the issues of bullying and harassment, drug and alcohol use from the "Concerned parents at Woodinville High School" who say "this behavior is not being dealt with head-on by Woodinville High School."

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is implementing what the Legislature intended

*Recent letters to the editor have contained information about the origins and implementation of the state's outdoor burning laws that may mislead your readers.

County is throwing up roadblocks to new athletic fields

*King County's acute disdain for parks and active recreation is newly evidenced in Executive Ron Sims' recently-proposed changes to the county's highly-touted transfer of development rights (TDR) program.

Writer wants to send simple message

*It is hoped that someone who knows the fisherman who threw his cigarette butt off the dock at Cottage Lake Park into the lake on Thursday evening, May 24, will explain to him that Cottage Lake is not an ashtray.

Guest Editorial:Volunteerism the complete answer is a little more complicated

*What would inspire 20-some adults who barely know each other, to join together on a Saturday for a long day of yard working, painting, and minor construction?

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