Northwest NEWS

June 4, 2001


Police Beat

May 29: Around 12:30 in the afternoon, officers responded to the 13800 block of NE 175th for an assault. Police arrived to find the action in progress, and it was later discovered that a fender bender had initiated the confrontation.Apparently the suspect's car hit the victim's car while waiting at a red light. The victim got out of his car to examine the damage, but the suspect would not get out of her car. In fact, the suspect refused to roll down her window and started yelling at the victim who then pulled his car to the side of the road in order to exchange information with the suspect. However, when the victim pulled over, the suspect just drove right on by, leaving the scene of the accident. The victim followed the suspect to the above-mentioned parking lot and watched as the suspect went inside the store. The victim followed the woman into the building and asked again for her information and insurance. The suspect began yelling at the victim and then kicked him in the leg. Eventually the victim convinced the woman to retrieve her insurance from her car. But once out in the parking lot, the woman made aggressive gestures towards the victim. He told her to keep her distance and attempted to call 911 from his cell phone. The woman lunged at him in an attempt to knock the phone out of his hand. Witnesses in the parking lot joined in and restrained the woman until police arrived. The case has been sent to the prosecutor's office for Assault and Hit & Run Attended charges.
   May 27: On a routine patrol, officers observed a car parked in the 12800 block of NE 175th not unusual except that it was 3:15 on a Sunday afternoon, and officers knew that none of the businesses in this area operate on Sunday.Officers pulled in behind the car and contacted the three occupants. They stated that they were on a lunch break and just hanging out.The driver stated that he did not have a license on him. The driver gave the officer his name and date of birth, but a standard records check returned with no such person existing. The officer told the driver not to drive the vehicle since he did not have a license. About five minutes later, the officers observed the car drive by their location just a few blocks from the stop. The same driver pulled down a dead-end street. Officers waited at the entrance for him to come back up. When the car returned to the beginning of the street, the driver was stopped but his two occupants were gone. The driver gave officers a different name and date of birth. The driver was arrested for No Valid License On Person and Obstructing. A search incident to arrest revealed a backpack containing needles and other drug paraphernalia.
   May 29: It was reported that over the long weekend considerable damage was sustained to a public building in the 19819 block of 136th Avenue NE. Vandals broke into the building and destroyed a vending machine. The vandals then smashed open a door to a janitorial closet and removed several gallons of gasoline. The gas was then poured upon wooden desks and tables and ignited. Finally the suspects entered a district van and attempted to hot wire the vehicle. Detectives and arson investigators combed the scene and recovered significant evidence left by the suspects. Scores of finger prints were lifted and the case is under investigation.
   May 15: An officer was flagged down by a passer-by who stated that four juveniles had entered a building in the 18100 block of 140th Avenue NE. The officer went to the business and found all four boys still on the property. While the boys explained to the officer that they were in the third grade and returning home from school, one of the crew volunteered that he had broken some stuff inside the business. Acting on the lead, the officer followed the boys down an outside staircase where they had kicked in an old wooden door.
   Nothing inside was broken or missing. The owner and the boy's parents agreed that paying for the cost of a new door, deadbolt and some manual labor for new paint would substitute for criminal charges.