Northwest NEWS

June 11, 2001


World needs to recognize wrestling as the sport it is

I've seen a few letters in your editorial section regarding girls in wrestling. However, I've not had time to respond as we were on our way to Las Vegas for a women's open wrestling tournament. This weekend my daughter is going to a tournament in Ohio. Unfortunately, she has to travel quite a distance in order to wrestle girls.
   My daughter has wrestled varsity in both junior high and high school for the past six years in the Woodinville area. She has no choice but to wrestle boys. What's the big deal? It's a sport and there's no reason for narrow-minded people to make more of it. It's a shame that her old-fashioned views are being pressed upon her son.
   As a result of my daughter wresting for six years, she has now obtained a scholarship to wrestle on a girls college team in Missouri. Had she not fought the system and pursued what she wanted to do (and is good at, I might add), this opportunity would not be there and we would be paying for her tuition. Plus, she has entertained many people along the way.
   Channel 4 even did a sports editorial on her. I hope that the world will go with the times and appreciate wrestling for the SPORT that it is.
   Michelle Ward, Woodinville