Northwest NEWS

June 11, 2001


Police Beat

   May 15: An officer was flagged down by a passer-by who stated that four juveniles had entered a building in the 18100 block of 140th Avenue NE.
   The officer went to the business and found all four boys still on the property. While the boys explained to the officer that they were in the third grade and returning home from school, one of the crew volunteered that he had broken some stuff inside the business. Acting on the hot lead, the officer followed the boys down an outside staircase where they had kicked in an old wooden door.
   Nothing inside was broken or missing. The owner and the boys' parents agreed that paying for the cost of a new door, deadbolt and some manual labor for new paint would substitute for criminal charges.
   May 29: It was reported that over the long weekend considerable damage was sustained to Woodinville High School. Vandals broke into the building and destroyed a vending machine. The vandals then smashed open a door to a janitorial closet and removed several gallons of gasoline. The gas was then poured upon wooden desks and tables and ignited. Finally the suspects entered a district van and attempted to hot wire the vehicle.
   Detectives and arson investigators combed the scene and recovered significant evidence left by the suspects. Scores of fingerprints were lifted and the case is under investigation.
   UPDATE: Arson investigators made three arrests last week as a result of their investigation. Three Leota Middle School students have been arrested for their involvement in the case. Felony arson and commercial burglary charges are pending.
   Woodinville Police released a press statement this week regarding the "Party Patrol." Fifty-five people were arrested over the weekend for underage drinking or providing a location for underage drinking. The party patrol is a multi-agency task force assembled every June to specifically address the issue of teen and underage drinking. The party patrol will continue in the Shoreline, Sammamish, Woodinville and Klahanie areas.
   June 5: The owner of a truck in the 13000 block of NE 202 Place drove home on June 4 and parked his car in front of his house. The next morning around the 7:00 he came outside, got in his truck and drove to work. While on I-405, the owner noticed a large hole in the back window. He turned around and drove to the Woodinville Police station. Officers examined the damage and found a rock in the back of the victim's truck.
   June 5: Around 2:30 in the morning, a man in the 18100 block of 157th Avenue NE awoke to hear a loud noise outside followed by the sound of a car driving slowly away. The next morning the man discovered a large dent in his car door and the rear window smashed out by large rocks.
   May 23: The owner of a business in the 13100 block of NE 175th reported the following: a long-time customer approached the owner and proposed setting up a tab which the suspect would then pay once a month. The owner agreed to the arrangement and everything went smoothly for eight months.
   Then in December of 2000, the suspect didn't pay his tab. However, the suspect continued to shop and patronize the business. When confronted, the man explained that he had switched credit cards and he would pay the outstanding tab when the new card was activated. Over the next two months the suspect continued to give credible excuses about paying next time. Finally, the owner confronted the suspect and put his foot down. The suspect promised to return the next day and pay the full amount.
   The man never returned to the business. In an attempt to track the man down, the owner learned that the man had not worked at his job for some time, that his cell phone was disconnected and that the man moved from his home with no forwarding information. The case has been forwarded to detectives for investigation.