Northwest NEWS

June 11, 2001


Police Beat: CARNATION

May 10: A customer of an auto repair shop reported his car stereo missing after he left the car at the shop overnight for repairs. The business owner stated that he thought he had locked the vehicle the night of the theft, and had locked the gate of the fenced area.
   There were no signs of forced entry on the vehicle, but fingerprints were found, as was a shoe print not belonging to the car owner or to anyone who worked on the car at this shop. This is the second time a vehicle has been broken into recently at this location.
   May 19: A couple reported that while they were away from their house between 6:30 p.m. May 18 and 2:30 a.m. on May 19, a person or persons unknown had entered their locked house through the back door, left it open, and left greasy footprints on the kitchen floor. There were no signs of forced entry on the back door or elsewhere on the house. No fingerprints were found. The officer notes that both owners had touched all areas of the house that had been part of the crime scene. There were no witnesses, and no suspect information at this time.
   May 21: At about 5:40 p.m. an officer on patrol saw a familiar vehicle northbound on Tolt Avenue. He recognized the driver, who had a history of driving with a suspended license.
   The officer also recognized the passenger as one who had two outstanding warrants, for driving with a suspended license and fourth degree assault. The officer stopped the car, whereupon the passenger immediately exited the vehicle and ran.
   The officer gave chase and caught up with the passenger just as he reached into his coat pocket and threw out a lighter, pipe and plastic bag. The officer placed him under arrest for the outstanding warrants. After the vegetable matter tested positive for marijuana, the passenger was also charged with possession of marijuana.
   During the foot pursuit of the passenger, according to witnesses, the driver left the scene at a high rate of speed, passing several cars illegally. The officer confirmed the driver's status as driving with license suspended 3rd, and charged him with Obstructing an Officer, forwarding the case to the prosecutor's office.