Northwest NEWS

June 11, 2001


City embraces e-government

The technology buzzword "e-government" is catching on with local governments, including Woodinville. For residents,this may mean the ability to reserve a park facility for a family reunion by logging on to Woodinville's Internet site. For a business owner, it could be the ability to electronically register a business.
   Last fall a survey appeared in the city's newsletter, City Chronicle, and on the city Web site asking readers to identify types of services they would like to see on the city Web site.
   An e-government Suggestion Form will appear in the May-June issue of the City Chronicle and will also be available for customers to fill out online at the city's Web site (HYPERLINK The newsletter is mailed to households and businesses within city limits. Citizens, business owners and community members are encouraged to complete the survey (prepaid postage) and return it to the city. Results of the surveys will assist the City Council and staff in long-range planning for providing city services via the Web site.
   For more information on the survey or the E-Gov Strategy, contact Marie Stake, communications coordinator, at (425) 877-2267.