Northwest NEWS

June 11, 2001


Cedarcrest students 'outstanding'

DUVALL - Cedarcrest High School senior Katie Gunderson has been chosen by the Eastside Journal as the "Most Outstanding Student in Visual Arts."
   Each year, the Eastside Journal recognizes outstanding seniors in 10 different categories. The nominees come from all the public and private high schools on the Eastside.
   Katie will be recognized at a formal banquet and her picture and a brief biography will run in the paper in early June.
   Cedarcrest staff also nominated the following students: Vocational Enterprise‹Chris Lee, Andrea McDonald; Community Service‹Samantha Ritter, Nicole Canady; Outstanding Scientist‹Liam Hahn; Unsung Hero/Heroine‹Katie Luttermoser; Most Inspiring‹Dorothy Westermann, Maribel Paniagua; Academic Achievement‹Hadley Rose, Emily Fletcher; Leadership‹Casandra Ortiz-Phillips, James Conrick; Performing Arts‹Devin Bazemore; Visual Arts‹Katie Gunderson, Tara Adolfson; Promoting Diversity‹Jina Hong, Jed Dern.