Northwest NEWS

June 18, 2001


Post office log jam

I've lived and worked here in Woodinville for 12 years and witnessed steady growth in housing, retail and business. The Woodinville Post Office has not kept pace, evidenced by the massive everyday lines that stretch out of the lobby. When holidays or "important" mailing days occur, it's even worse and 45-minute waits are common.
   The counter employees do a great job and are pleasant but they can't keep up with the transactions and daily volume levels.
   It's time to step up and keep up with your area's growth.There are five terminals, but on average only two are in use. €Re-locate the drive-thru drop boxes and secure more parking. €Hire more employees to keep up with the daily demand. €Use basic business and common sense to alleviate the log jam. That said, it's time to serve your customers in a reasonable manner. If I made my customers wait that long every time they wanted something, I would be out of business quickly.
   Thank you for reacting to the needs of your customers.
   D. Stevenson, Woodinville
   Make it a safe summer by slowing down
   I am writing to all the people who live or work in the Lake Marcel community. I have witnessed so many of you speeding along 320th by the Stillwater Elementary School. Do you think you can stop when a child runs out into the street? At the speeds you are traveling (most of which are in excess of 35 mph in an area posted 25 with normal conditions and 20 when children are present) you cannot react fast enough to stop for these kids. Kids are unpredictable. They jump out of nowhere. As for the people who park on the street next to the elementary school during after school hours or weekends, the signs are posted in plain view stating, "No Parking." Apparently there are a lot of people that cannot read because of the fact you still park there.
   The children have to walk around your cars to get to the school or pathways. They should not have to endanger their lives because you don't want to walk an extra 50 feet. Think about this!
   What would you say if your child were the one that was hit by a speeding car all because he or she had to walk around a parked car that was blocking the walkway? I bet not one of you would say, "Well, the child was wrong." Let's try and keep it a safe summer by slowing down to the speed limit and don't park where the signs say "No Parking."
   Don McCormick, Lake Marcel community