Northwest NEWS

June 18, 2001


Kudos for Camp Casey

In 12 years I've watched over 18,000 fifth-grade students enjoy Camp Casey everything from fort history to canoeing, marine biology to shelter building, and smores to cinnamon rolls.
   I'm in awe at the dedication of over 3,500 parents who have given three days of their busy lives for our Northshore fifth graders. For over 30 years Northshore administration and staff have continued to suport our renowned hands-on (feet too) Casey experience.
   As Rick Miles, a parent wrote, "It would be impossible to measure the value of this program on any test like the WASL ... these are things that last all of their lives."
   Yes, these life-long memories are evident as former students reflect on their favorite school experiences or as we watch Northshore alumni come up with "their" fifth graders. A special thank you to one and all who have helped make indelible impressions on our Northshore fifth graders.
   Bob Farnus (aka Colonel Farnuski), outdoor education director