Northwest NEWS

June 18, 2001


Letters to the Editor

A little girl named Ladawna

*This isn't a complicated story but it is horrible, tragic and senseless.

Where are the pedestrians?

*Looking at the picture of the proposed roundabout, my first thought was, Where are the pedestrians?

Roundabout article unbalanced

*The June 11 edition of the Woodinville Weekly published an article entitled "Businesses Respond to Proposed Roundabout."

Post office log jam

*I've lived and worked here in Woodinville for 12 years and witnessed steady growth in housing, retail and business. The Woodinville Post Office has not kept pace, evidenced by the massive everyday lines that stretch out of the lobby. When holidays or "important" mailing days occur, it's even worse and 45-minute waits are common.

Make it a safe summer by slowing down

*I am writing to all the people who live or work in the Lake Marcel community. I have witnessed so many of you speeding along 320th by the Stillwater Elementary School.

Community needs to teach and model nonviolence and compassion

*I have been reading about drugs and violence in our schools in the Woodinville Weekly for some time.

It will be a sad day when horses are forced out

*On Easter Sunday of this year a friend and I were leading our horses down NE 165th St. on Hollywood Hill to get to the trails where we ride.

Kudos for Camp Casey

*In 12 years I've watched over 18,000 fifth-grade students enjoy Camp Casey everything from fort history to canoeing, marine biology to shelter building, and smores to cinnamon rolls.

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