Northwest NEWS

June 18, 2001


City of Bothell works to restore stream for salmon

BOTHELL - Work began last Saturday on restoration and maintenance along Sammamish River at an area along the river that is adjacent to Blyth Park (16950 W. Riverside Drive) and Horse Creek (NE 180th Street near the Park at Bothell Landing) as part of Bothell's salmon restoration efforts in the area. Another maintenance event is planned for June 30 from from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
   "Restoration of fish and wildlife habitat is a high priority for the City of Bothell," said City of Bothell Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "The restoration maintenance projects are vital to the whole process and we will continue our efforts on this program."
   In its third year, the city of Bothell is joining forces with King County and neighboring jurisdictions to restore the banks of the Sammamish River for returning salmon. The effort includes several restoration projects that remove invasive species of blackberry, Scotch broom and reed canary grass along the stream banks and replacing them with natural cover trees such as willow, cedar and Douglas fir.
   These trees provide needed shade to help cool the river and provide safe havens for the returning fish.
   Shade is vital for salmon survival as it maintains a cooler water temperature, which then produces much needed oxygen and camouflaged areas that help prevent predator attacks.
   To get involved with the city's salmon restoration projects, call City of Bothell Public Works at (425) 486-2768.