Northwest NEWS

June 18, 2001


Northshore School District adjusts its boundaries

Land previously located within the boundaries of the Monroe School District has been officially transferred to the Northshore School District. In March 2000, the owners of nine parcels of land requested this transfer of territory.
   Several of the families have been attending Northshore schools for some time on annual waivers.
   Reasons cited for the official transfer of territory include: 1) the Monroe School District has been unable to provide bus transportation for these families due to geographical constraints, 2) the neighborhood has a stronger relationship with Northshore as they are situated across the street from other Northshore families, 3) Northshore provides excellent bus service to their neighborhood, and 4) the families wanted the educational opportunities that Northshore provides.
   The Monroe School District was very cooperative in complying with the group's request.
   Their board approved the transfer by resolution on Oct.9, 2000. The Northshore School Board accepted the transfer by Resolution 393 on Oct. 24, 2000. The Northwest Educational Service District 189 was the lead ESD on this issue; they approved the transfer on March 23, 2001, effective Sept. 1, 2001.