Northwest NEWS

June 18, 2001


Northshore honors retirees

To date, 37 employees have announced their plans to retire from the school district. Twenty-six of these employees were honored at a June 5 reception in the W.A. Anderson Cafeteria.
   The retirees are:
   Jerry Anderson, counselor, Woodinville High School, 30 years; Peggy Anderson, counselor, Skyview Junior High, 28 years; Dean Barnett, science, Kenmore Junior High, 25 years; Bob Boesche, Executive Director Budget & Finance, 30 years; Terry Brunner, Capital Projects, 2 years; Steve Carlson, physical education, Canyon Creek, 31 years; Phil Coady, math/history, Inglemoor High School, 11 years; Corlee Corning, English, Leota Junior High, 21 years; Carol Davis, science, Bothell HIgh School, 16 years; Joyce Devier, fourth, Woodmoor, 21 years; Jan Duncan, first, Arrowhead, 18 years; Aaron Feik, science, Northshore Junior High/NS Educ. Assoc. President, 32 years; Sharon Fortier, special education, Woodmoor, 13 years; Phil Hailey, physical education/Spanish, Kenmore Junior High, 34 years; Carol Harker, Attendance & Counseling Secretary, Leota, 15 years; Louise Hatala, Asst. Principal, Moorlands, 14 years; Linda Hess, second, Maywood Hills, 24 years; Mike Hubbard, Math, Inglemoor High School, 31 years; Ron Juzeler, social studies, Bothell High School, 30 years; Cal Kam, director Human Resources, 3 years; Fred LaMont, fifth, Wellington, 25 years; Don Lee, science, Kenmore Junior High, 3 years; Linda McIntosh, kindergarten, Fernwood, 12 years; Pam Nagel, fourth, Hollywood Hills, 30 years; Barb Oberg, kindergarten, Moorlands, 24 years; Patti Piper, Administrative Assistant, Ricketts, 22 years; Patti Roberts, social studies, Canyon Park Junior High, 33 years; Barb Rumpee, English, Inglemoor High School, 25 years; Jack Saad, social studies, Woodinville High School, 17 years; Bill Sanderson, custodian, Skyview Junior High, 27 years; Doug Sanford, math, Bothell High School, 32 years; Kathy Sanford, English, Bothell High School, 30 years; Bruce Shadduck, science, Leota Junior High, 32 years; Marcia Utela, fourth, Canyon Creek, 30 years; Malfrid Vintertun, cook assistant, Inglemoor High School, 28 years.