Northwest NEWS

June 25, 2001


Be careful with outgoing and incoming mail

On June 15 we had an outgoing letter stolen from our rural Woodinville mailbox that included a graduation card and check. Only because they neglected to close the box and lower the flag were we aware that this had taken place. On that same day some kind anonymous person found the letter (minus check) at the Bothell Post Office outside telephone booth. They returned it to us along with a box of slides that were found with the letter.
   The slides are not ours but someone, probably in the Woodinville area, is unaware that their mailbox has been rifled and the slides stolen. If anyone is missing these slides, please contact the Woodinville Weekly at (425) 483-0606 and we will see that they are returned to you.
   I would like to advise area residents not to put outgoing mail in their personal boxes and also to pick up their incoming mail as speedily as possible. Last year (Sept. 2000) we had a business account bank statement with checks stolen from our mailbox, and using our account numbers they forged $6,500 of checks that were cashed in the Auburn and Seattle area.
   This was reported to both the Woodinville Police and the post office but no apparent action was taken. Eventually the bank was the loser, as they had to reimburse us the amount of the forged checks.
   After contacting our neighbors, we found out that they, too, have had incidents of incoming packages stolen and later someone had sent them the empty package found along the road. After these incidents, it is obvious that someone is cruising the area looking for flags showing outgoing mail, bank statements that include checks and incoming packages.
   Buck and Phyllis Draughn, Woodinville