Northwest NEWS

July 2, 2001


Post office needs to change from rural to city designation

I'm writing in response to the "Post Office Log Jam" letter.
   I've been informed by a postal employee that our post office is still a rural post office. The people working in back can't come up front and help with the lines of customers. By the same token, the clerks can't lend a hand in back.
   If our post office were deemed a city post office, the employees could help each other and people would move faster.
   Also we have the rural post office that handles the most mail in the county.
   I was told it takes the City Council to make the change from rural to city post office. I don't know if the (county?) has to be involved or not. But it's time to do something about this problem and very soon.
   Call the City Council so they know how we customers feel.
   L. Thompson, Woodinville