Northwest NEWS

July 2, 2001


Brightwater - What's the deal?

I spent Monday morning listening to Bothell City Council tapes of the Nov. 2, 1998, meeting. Residents of King County addressed the council telling them of the sewer sites and the benefits from it. Three representative sites were referred to that were investigated in preparation for choosing a new site - all in Snohomish to my understanding.
   A lot was made of tertiary treatment so water could be used for golf courses, improving streams, etc. It was discussed that a market had to be developed to use this water. In the April 9, 2001, Woodinville Weekly there is an article talking about the need for the site after seven final sites were picked. Again, there was mention of the waste water being used for agriculture and industrial needs following tertiary treatment which was planned for the future as I understood it.
   And then June 18 in the Woodinville Weekly there is an article concerning a water deal using reclaimed water, but "not related to Brightwater." Is this not the beginning of setting up a market for Brightwater in the future for its tertiary treated water?
   The brochure from Brightwater describes the site at Thrashers Corner as underdeveloped and lightly residential. In fact, it's "underdeveloped" as wetlands or designated passive park, and this lightly residential area has 10,000 people in a 1-mile radius. No mention is made of the 14 families who will lose their homes if this site is picked making it the only site that displaces homes of people. This is the only site that has pristine wetlands and salmon bearing streams going through it. No mention is made of the wildlife that might lose their homes, and they have no voice, political or otherwise.
   Those of us who live in Snohomish County where all these sites are located have discovered we have no political leverage (elected representation) as King County is making the decision on Snohomish lands. Does King County know Snohomish? None of the council members I addressed has been to the site at Thrashers Corner. I understand the people on the siting committee of King County have not been to the site.
   Snohomish County took the gun site off but is not helping the citizens who will lose their homes. Bothell, which straddles King and Snohomish counties, is "not taking a stand" for their citizens, but they stand to get $40 million if the deal goes through. Snohomish County will get big bucks for their road improvements too.
   What a deal - Bothell richer, Snohomish richer, King County makes a difficult decision without any fear of political damage, and 14 families lose their homes without representation.
   As a U.S. citizen I think it is the last bit that says it all. Are we a democracy or not? Do we have a government of the people, for the people and by the people or not? Citizens, please pay attention to this. There was once a revolution fought over taxation without representation. Do we need a tea party over sanitation without representation?
   Adelaide W. Loges, Mill Creek