Northwest NEWS

July 2, 2001


Vouchers: It's about per capita spending

After our two state senators voted to kill a small $50 million voucher program, part of the president's education package, Patty Murray tried to defend her actions. She did it with the typical lies repeated by liberal democrats nationwide who oppose the education of poor children while putting teachers' unions and government employees above them. Murray alleged recently that voucher programs cost public school children resources, implying a cut in per capita spending.
   Voucher programs provide only a fraction of the money regularly spent for the child in the public school to the child's parent to assist them in freeing their child from a failed public school. The rest still goes to public education. Per capita spending in public schools would not decrease, it would increase. The truth is that liberal democrats like Murray and Cantwell don't care about the education of our nation's children in failed public schools. What they do care about is defending the public school monopoly and the teachers' unions.
   This is all about per capita spending, but not the way democrats argue. Because while per capita spending on children in public schools would increase with vouchers by removing kids from public schools while still sending part of that child's funding to public education, per capita spending per government employee and teachers' union employee would certainly decrease.
   These are the people that Democrats like Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are protecting while dooming the poorest children to rot in failed public schools.
   Michael Costello, Redmond