Northwest NEWS

July 2, 2001


Police Beat

   June 26: A burglary occurred in the 12600 block of NE 178th Street. Police investigated the next morning and discovered that the suspect had climbed a fence to gain entry to the property. Once inside the perimeter the suspect entered a boat being stored on the lot.
   The suspect took a set of tools from this boat and used them to remove the engine from another boat. Police found the toolbox and a pair of gloves on a nearby trail, dumped by the suspect as he left the scene. Prints were lifted and the case is under investigation.
   June 22: Police contacted a woman in the 17700 block of 144th Avenue NE regarding a theft. The victim reported that when she arrived at work that morning she noticed their work van had a broken window.
   The victim contacted the employee who had driven and parked the van the night before and he stated that there was no damage to the van when he parked it. The victim determined that some tools and a box of invoices were missing from the van.
   The victim then received a call from a gas station clerk in Everett who found a box of invoices belonging to the victim in his lot during the night. Police recovered this evidence and prints were lifted.
   June 16: At 8:28 p.m. a man pumped gas into his car at the Texaco station in the 4000 block of Tolt Avenue. He entered the station's store, picked up several items and brought them to the front counter.
   There were no other customers in the store at the time. He then asked the assistant manager for a carton of cigarettes. When she turned away to get them, he walked around the counter and confronted her with a large serrated knife, demanding the contents of the cash register. While she tried to open it, the suspect threat