Northwest NEWS

July 2, 2001




'The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat'

by Linda Fava
   Special to the Weekly
   The 2nd annual Woodinville - Bothell Softball Challenge between the Bothell Bombers and the Woodinville Wonders took place Thursday, June 21, on the Woodinville ballfield.The Wonders, decked out in yellow shirts, were under the able leadership of Pete Rose, city manager; the Bothell team was guided by their Assistant City Manager, Manny Ocampo.
   The game commenced at 6 p.m. with a large contingency of supporters from each city. Among Woodinville's fans were several young men who appeared to be keeping score but were, instead, taking a plumbing exam while their dedicated instructor was on the field with his team.
   Also in the stands was a defector from Woodinville, who just weeks before had taken a position with Bothell. To his credit, he rooted for Bothell in the first half and then flipped his sign around to cheer his old comrades from Woodinville.The game was a well-matched contest of seven hard-played innings, Bothell receiving some luck in the final inning to spur them to a 15 to 10 win over their opponents.
   Following the game, Rose, presented the winning trophy to Ocampo, and the visitors joined the home team in a barbecue on the grounds of Woodinville's new city hall. Next year Bothell will host the event.
   The game was declared a success, and preparations are already underway for the third annual Softball Challenge to be hosted next year by Bothell.