Northwest NEWS

July 16, 2001


For our children's sake - 25 to stay alive

This letter is in response to Don McCormick's letter in the June 20 Valley View. We strongly agree with Mr. McCormick's plea that drivers observe the 25 mph speed limit when traveling through residential neighborhoods, such as Lake Marcel.
   Living on Fay Road, we are neighbors of Lake Marcel, and we would like to add our heartfelt request: When you are driving through our neighborhood please observe the speed limit! It may come as a surprise to some that the speed limit on Fay Road is no higher than that in Lake Marcel and other more enclosed neighborhoods 25 miles per hour. In fact, on the sharp curves on the hill between Lake Marcel and Highway 203 the posted recommended speed is even lower 15 mph.
   To many of you, Fay Road may be simply a connecting route from everywhere else to your home. But to us, Fay Road is our neighborhood. The majority of homes on Fay Road house families with children ranging from babies and toddlers through teenagers. We ride bikes, walk our dogs and ride horses on our road. Like you, we love our children and pets and want them to be safe when we venture out of our driveways.
   There is no doubt that Fay Road was not constructed in the current enlightened era when visibility and safety concerns are part of the planning. There is hardly any shoulder on most of the road; it is narrow, winding and has negligible sight-distance for most of its roughly two-mile stretch. Blind driveways are the rule, not the exception, here.
   We recognize the hazards of traveling on foot, bike, hoof, or even by car on this road. So we ask you to join us in keeping everyone safer: Slow down, enjoy the scenery and the wildlife deer are frequent pedestrians here too and stay in your own lane going around the corners. Let's all be respectful of each other's neighborhoods and of the law. For our children's sake - 25 to stay alive!
   Barbara and Pete Greenstreet and Bryan and Nancy Smith, Carnation