Northwest NEWS

July 16, 2001


It was a blast, but turn down the music

Thank you to the city of Woodinville, JB Lawn and all the affiliates who always make the Fourth of July celebration so festive. Our family looks forward to the "lawn party" and the fireworks show. It was fabulous as usual. What we don't look forward to is the music volume. Our favorite moments were when the band silenced and we could talk and make memories with friends and family. Please save the volume for the fireworks at the end and have great music. But give the community the freedom to choose. Sit close if you like loud music; sit on the outskirts if you don't. Whether we like your music or not is unimportant. Keep up the good work but lose the speakers. Love the fireworks hate the noise.
   Steve and Pam Schmool, Woodinville