Northwest NEWS

July 16, 2001


Sculpture and performance to be held in the Snoqualmie Valley

"From the Ground Up," a free sculpture and performance in the Snoqualmie Valley, is an annual gathering to revel in site-specific installations, music & performance in the woods of the Cascade foothills. This year's event is Saturday, July 21, 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. Art will be on display thru Sept. 30 and is open to the public.
   New installations by 14 artists: Amber Anderson, Marita Dingus, Kitty Harman, Gloria Lamson, Bret Marion, Akiko Sato, Lisa Sheets, Amelia Smith, Gary Smoot, Meghan Trainor, and Mi Wu, with a series of collaborative works by Ben Beres, Zac Culler & John Sutton.
   Previous works by Joe Burmeister, Erin Baar, Diem Chau, Fritzgerald DeFreitas, Christian French, Aristotle Georgiades, Chuck Iffland, Stuart Keeler, Louie Raffloer, Paul Sorey, Richard Spalding, Kezumi Tanaka, and Ikuyo Tsunoda.
   Music by Big Dairy Air Band (rockabilly), cellist Myra Chaney, DJ Eddie with Xoos DJ Sven (world beat and ambient techno with live drumming), Young, Diaz, DeMars.
   Performances by Butoh by multimedia collaborative P.A.N. Fire and physical performance by The Cabiri.
   For directions or more information, call 206-989-5518, or e-mail