Northwest NEWS

July 16, 2001


Red Baron Pizza Stearmans will fly over Bite of Seattle

The Red Baron Pizza Stearman Squadron will fly over the Seattle Center with a smoke show on Friday, July 20, at 11:10 and 11:30 a.m., in conjunction with the Bite's 20th Birthday Celebration.
   The squadron will do another smoke show on Saturday and Sunday at 1:45 and 3:45 p.m.
   Red Baron is sponsor of the Mural Stage and will have the Red Baron Pizza Bus serving up pizza for $1 a slice. Another Red Baron Pizza Bus will be at the Kid's Zone serving pizza, along with a Mural Painting activity that is free for kids.
   Red Baron Pizza Service created the Stearman Squadron, a fleet of World War II era open cockpit biplanes, 20 years ago. Red Baron Pizza Service has a long history of supporting children's charities through air shows and community events. With its shared passion for aviation and families, Miracle Flights for Kids and Red Baron Frozen Pizza are well matched charitable partners.
   Miracle Flights for Kids is a nonprofit organization that provides no-cost air transportation for sick children and their families who need to reach specialized medical facilities for treatment.
   The Red Baron/Miracle Flights for Kids partnership is integrated throughout the Red Baron Pizza Stearman Squadron program, including events, special promotions and visits by Miracle Flights children at many air shows where the squadron will be performing.