Northwest NEWS

July 16, 2001


News from the King County Sheriff's Office

Guardian 1 rescues two hikers
   July 8 Two women, one from Seattle, the other from Bellevue, were rescued by the Sheriff's Office helicopter, Guardian 1, after they became stranded near the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River overnight. The women became trapped after hiking across the river, which rose later in the day. A man hiking with them was able to cross and went for help. The women spent the night outdoors and were found by the helicopter the next morning. Both women, ages 46 and 47, were cold and hungry, but otherwise uninjured.
   Man arrested in Fall City after standoff
   July 10 A 28-year-old man with a handgun held off deputies for six hours at a house in Fall City before finally being caught as he tried to flee.
   The King County Sheriff's SWAT team stormed the house and arrested the man as he headed out a back door. The man, who officials said had a criminal history, was booked into the King County jail on suspicion of burglary and illegally possessing a gun. Several houses in the area were evacuated during the standoff.