Northwest NEWS

July 16, 2001


Community college tuition to increase by 6.2 percent

The rate for full-time resident students at most community colleges will increase from $547 per quarter to $581 per quarter. The part time per-credit charge will grow from $54.70 to $58.10.
   The rates vary slightly depending upon local fees for programs and services not provided by the state.
   The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges set the tuition increase in accordance with the state's 2001-03 operating budget.
   Although the budget authorized tuition increases of up to 6.7 percent for 2001-02, the State Board chose not to increase tuition by the maximum amount.
   The board expressed concern about having to raise tuition, but also recognized the need to make up for budget cuts and pay for salary increases, escalating energy costs and other required expenditures not paid for by the state.
   Technical colleges, which use a different type of fee structure and set rates locally, were authorized to increase their tuition rates and fees by up to 6.22 percent.
   Tuition rates have not yet been set for 2002-03. The budget permits increases of up to 6.1 percent for that academic year.
   The latest information on tuition, fees and waivers is posted on the State Board's Web site at: