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July 16, 2001

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Casting for a cause in Fall City

by Susannah Stuart
   Special to The Valley View
   FALL CITY - The choreographed display of elbows moving up and down in uneven cadence at Fall City Elementary recently may not have looked like poetry in motion, but it was fun for the 35 attendees of a casting clinic hosted by Fishing Pursuits.
   Ranging in all skill levels, the group received a day of fly-fishing instruction from Tim Rajeff, George Cook and Katherine Hart. The team of nationally acclaimed instructors had volunteered their time to help raise funds for Casting for Recovery, a fly-fishing retreat for Washington breast cancer survivors.
   A mantra of "10 o'clock, 2 o'clock" could be heard emanating from the day's most popular class, "Beginning Fly-Casting." Outfitted with a tuft of colored yarn to simulate a fly, fishing lines could be seen flying in all directions.
   "It sure looks a lot easier in the movies," exclaimed Medina resident M.J. Chisholm.
   The morning and afternoon sessions also included more advanced instruction in shooting line, distance casting, double haul and saltwater flats fishing.
   All proceeds from the clinic were donated to support this fall's Casting for Recovery retreat for Washington breast cancer survivors. This nationally recognized program offers an opportunity for women with breast cancer to experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing through retreats held in natural settings.
   Not only are there psycho-social benefits, there is also convincing evidence that fly-fishing can play an important role in the physical and emotional recovery of women with breast cancer. The casting motion of fly-fishing mimics exercises to help restore mobility, which may have been compromised by surgery.
   For more information, call toll-free at 1-888-553-3500.