Northwest NEWS

July 23, 2001


Watching her mother tap her feet to the music was terrific

On Thursday, July 12, my mother and I attended the concert in the park featuring How's Bayou.
   I don't know which I enjoyed more, the music or the children's response to the music. I do know what meant the most to me, however.
   My mother has been deaf or nearly deaf for most of my life. In December she received a cochlar implant. This is an electronic device inserted in her skull behind her right ear that is then attached to a microphone via a magnet to the outside of her head.
   This receiver is attached to a mini-microprocessor on her belt which translates the incoming sounds to electrical impulses which activiate tiny electrodes in her inner ear. These electrodes send impulses directly through her auditory nerve to her brain.
   She still can't understand voices very well, but is learning.
   At the concert, for the first time in my 46 years I saw my mother tapping her foot and hands in time to the music. It was fantastic! Thank you. We will be regular and eager members of the audience.
   Nona Dooley, via email