Northwest NEWS

July 23, 2001


Bothell is looking a lot better

I want to thank you for your article about my recognition with the city of Bothell 2001 Bothell Beautiful Award.
   A lot of credit for getting the idea for the program put together belongs to my former secretary, Elaine Bowers, who helped me assemble the photos and brochures we used to present to the City Council. Elaine is the former co-owner of the Bothell Nutrition health store on mainstreet in Bothell. Everyone can see what a wonderful job the merchants on Main Street have done to landscape and maintain its appearance.
   The Planning Department and many people in Bothell are working hard to beautify their city. I see so many homes around Bothell that have been renovated and worked on in the last few years. They have created colorful and individual landscaping designs that are a pleasure to see. The boulevard effect that the city created when 522 and 527 were widened has enhanced Bothell's image. The plantings are being well maintained. The new Bothell Landing is well done. Bothell looks a lot better than it did a few years ago.
   I hope the Bothell Beautiful program continues for a long time and contributes to a sense of pride in the place we live a place where many people can have the opportunity to live in an area with good schools and safe streets like those that I had while raising my children and running a business. Let's all keep up the good work.
   Del Farley, Bothell