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July 23, 2001

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Medic One to be on November 2001 ballot

The Metropolitan King County Council last week voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) 2002 Task Force and ask voters to consider reauthorizing a six-year levy to support King County's regional Medic One services.
   In September 1999, the EMS 2002 Task Force, made up of elected representatives from cities and unincorporated areas across King County, was charged with developing an inter-jurisdictional agreement on an updated strategic plan and financing plan for Medic One services beginning in 2002.
   The Task Force studied 12 different funding options, but the continuation of the levy for six years was seen as the only viable alternative to establish secure and stable funding for this life-saving service to the citizens of Seattle-King County.
   If approved by the voters, the proposition imposes the levy of a regular property tax each year for six years, with collection beginning in 2002, at a rate of $0.25 or less per $1000 of assessed valuation.
   This provides for the continuation and growth of support for basic life support services provided by 35 fire departments across the region.
   Funds for this part of regional EMS services have been frozen at 1997 levels.
   It also provides for the continuation of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health - EMS Division, which emphasizes uniformity in medical care across jurisdictions, consistency in training and medical quality assurance.