Northwest NEWS

July 30, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Guest Ediitorial: Play games with your kids for fun and learning

*Whether it's football or checkers, kids love to play games. Children are able to easily entertain themselves for hours by playing a simple game that adults may find slow and redundant. Have patience parents; while enjoying these games the kids are also learning.

Watching her mother tap her feet to the music was terrific

*With the recent media coverage about fires, burns and burn recovery, the question may be asked, What happens next?

Garden Club appreciates community support

*On July 7 the Woodinville Garden Club hosted its second Tour of Gardens. As a sold-out event, the tour's success is the result of the efforts of many people in the community. We wish to acknowledge these people and express our sincere gratitude.

Sandblast site was well hidden

*We saw the front page picture/story regarding the Sandblast weekend in the Valley View paper.

New road capacity will be used to justify new growth

*Should anyone be surprised that Republicans are joining Democrats to create the largest tax increase in the history of Washington to raise new revenues to build roads?

Don't risk future disaster on mistakes made in the present

*I thought it prudent to share with you my conclusions after having attended the July 12 Brightwater Siting Advisory Committee meeting.

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