Northwest NEWS

July 30, 2001



June 29: At 6 p.m. a Carnation QFC store employee observed a man pick up a food item, look around, then walk directly out of the store with it. The employee escorted the man back into the store, called police, who arrested the alleged thief, charging him with 3rd Degree Theft/Shoplift. The man stated that he saw a friend leaving the store and went out after him, forgetting to pay for the item. The case has been forwarded to the Carnation city prosecutor.
   July 1: At about 4:15 a.m., a woman reported having just heard a noise outside the bedroom window and seeing fresh bicycle tracks leading from the street to the bedroom window. She did not see anyone, but suspected the man she saw looking in her kitchen window on May 29. Police report that the man is a suspect in multiple "Peeping Tom" incidents in Carnation and has been charged with trespassing in the past.
   Compiled by Inge Houck