Northwest NEWS

July 30, 2001


Firefighter runs 100 miles for grandpa, cancer awareness

In April the Woodinville Weekly carried an article about a 31-year-old Woodinville firefighter named Peter Briner who was running the Western States Endurance Run to honor his grandfather, Dr. Conrad Briner, who had a historical tie to the trail and to promote cancer awareness, the disease that took his grandfather's life in 1968.
   Briner's objective was to promote cancer awareness among his fellow runners and others by encouraging them to get regular check-ups include PSA exams.
   Briner completed the 100.2-mile race from Squaw Valley to Auburn in 27 hours and 29 minutes, finishing 154th out of 396 starters. Over 120 runners dropped out prior to the finish.
   Briner reports that except for sore feet, he made it in great shape. He started at 5 a.m. in Squaw Valley and finished at 8:29 a.m. Sunday morning. He was on his feet the entire time except for one break to sit in a chair for 5 minutes at one checkpoint.
   Briner had eight people who directly supported him some provided supplies at the various checkpoints and three members of his team were pacers who each took a portion of the trail to hold flashlights and keep him company during the night.
   On Friday, the day prior to the start of the run, Briner, his family and team members had a "Prostate Cancer Awareness" booth at Squaw Valley where they passed out literature to approximately 750 visitors.
   Briner is now the proud owner of a Western States Endurance Run bronze belt buckle for finishing the run in under 30 hours.
   More importantly, he honored his grandfather and brought prostate cancer awareness to hundreds and thousands of individuals.