Northwest NEWS

July 30, 2001


Evergreen kids do chores for animals

As part of a community service program, the children of Evergreen Academy School in Bothell did household chores for a fund drive to support Pasado's Safe Haven. The haven is a sanctuary in Sultan where abused and neglected animals are placed in a safe and well-cared for environment.
   Each class adopted an animal, at a minimum cost of $35.
   Then they came up with a list of household chores that would pay $.25 per chore. The children worked at home and in their community to earn the needed funds.
   On May 23 they presented $892.28 to the haven. There was a ceremony attended by T.C. Carey, volunteer coordinator from Pasado's Safe Haven.
   Just for the record, at $.25/chore, that is 3,569 chores completed by the children of Evergreen Academy.