Northwest NEWS

July 30, 2001


Legislature approves new licensing service fees

A new 50 cent fee is starting to show up on vehicle renewal notices sent out statewide. In May, the Washington State Legislature passed a bill authorizing the new license service fee. This fee is charged on annual tab renewals in addition to the $30 basic license fee charged for passenger cars and the $3 county filing fee.
   On July 1 DOL began collecting the service fee on vehicle registrations expiring Aug 1, 2002 or later. Beginning Sept. 23 the 50 cent license service fee will also be collected on vessel registrations. New fees will be placed in a special account and used to pay for maintenance and upgrades to DOL-owned computer and networking equipment installed in county auditor and vehicle licensing subagent offices.
   Subagent fees also increase
   Effective July 22, 2001, the service fees charged by vehicle licensing subagents will also increase. Subagents are private businesses that contract with county auditors to provide vehicle license services to the public. Subagent service fees are set by the Legislature based on recommendations made by a committee of lawmakers and licensing professionals. Subagent fees haven't been increased for five years.
   The subagent fee for transactions involving a vehicle title will increase for $7.50 to $8.50. These transactions include title transfers (changes in ownership), duplicate title applications, lien releases and applications for vehicles being titled in Washington for the first time.
   The subagent fee for non-title transactions is increasing from $3.00 to $3.50. These transactions include annual license tab renewals, duplicate registration certificates and replacement tabs, filing seller's reports and issuing specialized license plates.
   For questions about the new fees, licensing and titling requirements, visit the DOL web site at or call (360) 902-3770.