Northwest NEWS

August 6, 2001


Recycling event comes to Bothell

Help King County preserve the environment by bringing wood waste, concrete, rock and brick, reusable household appliances and other hard-to-recycle items to a special recycling event on Saturday, Aug. 11, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Inglemoor High School in Bothell.
   Inglemoor High School is located at 15400 Simonds Road NE.
   From Bothell Way (SR 522) head south on 68th Ave. NE (Juanita Drive). Turn left on Simonds Road at the stoplight by Inglewood Golf Course.
   Inglemoor High School is at the top of the hill on the left.
   For more information, call (206) 296-4466.
   Special recycling event information, including a detailed list of acceptable and unacceptable items, can be found at the King County Web site at
   Materials that will be accepted at the event include clean plastic bags and dry-cleaning bags, and clothing and textiles that are in good condition and have "garage sale" stickers removed. Styrofoam, in "peanut" form only, will be accepted if completely secured in a closed box or bag. Up to eight car or motorcycle tires, with a maximum inner-diameter of 18.5 inches and rims removed, can be turned in. Scrap metal such as car parts, lawnmowers and bicycles will be accepted, after all fluids and tires have been removed. Working appliances and household items such as toys, books, sporting equipment, hand and power tools, working stereos and electronics (excluding computers and TV's), furniture and kitchenware will be accepted for resale in charity thrift shops, if in good working condition and undamaged.
   Materials such as concrete, rock, brick, and asphalt can be turned in (size limit 2 cubic feet). Wood waste materials such as large tree branches (minimum 3" diameter) , stumps, logs, pallets, and clean, untreated and unpainted wood and plywood will also be accepted.
   Household refrigerators and freezers (measuring less than 6' x 4') can be recycled for a handling fee of $15 to pay for the safe disposal of CFC coolants. Commercial units will not be accepted.
   Participants should be aware that batteries of any kind will no longer be accepted for recycling. Batteries and other hazardous materials can be disposed of at King County sponsored Wastemobile events, which take place at different sites in King County throughout the year. For more information, visit or call (206) 269-4692.
   In addition to batteries and other hazardous materials, the county can not accept grass clippings and yard debris, plastic food wrap, photographic film, plastic tape, materials made of Tyvek, car bodies or engines, broken or soiled items, televisions and computers, carpeting, garbage, styrofoam blocks and frames, and demolition debris.