Northwest NEWS

August 6, 2001


Police Beat

Aug. 1: A parked car in the 12400 block of 162nd Street was vandalized. During the night, the suspect entered the car through the unlocked passenger door. The victim's mother noticed the car door open the next morning and notified police. The stereo faceplate was missing, but later found between the seats. The suspect did take 30 CDs, a 35 mm camera and a speaker box. Prints were lifted and the case is under investigation.
   July 30: The clerk at an auto storage lot in the 17800 block of 134th Avenue Northeast secured the lot on Friday and left for the weekend. Upon his return on Monday, the clerk noticed several vehicles disturbed. Police arrived and discovered the barbed wire around the fence had been cut to gain entry. Once inside, the suspects prowled most of the 20some cars. The majority of cars stored on this lot are significantly damaged or totaled from accidents. It was difficult for police and the owner to determine what additional damage occurred. Prints were lifted from the scene.
   July 30: Police responded to the 15200 block of Woodinville-Redmond Road for a commercial burglary call. The owner returned to work Monday morning to find all of the tractor trailers which are used as offices had been entered and ransacked. File cabinets and desk drawers had been pulled out and strewn around the room. The suspect took several computers and a small fire safe.
   Unfortunately for the suspect, he left his Snapple bottle and hot dog wrapper at the scene. Police lifted numerous prints and booked the suspects dinner into evidence. The case is under further investigation while the prints are processed.
   July 29: A local woman reported that her car was broken into while she was in North Bend for the morning. Police responded to the 14200 block of 171st Street. It was determined that nothing was missing from the car, but the trunk lock was damaged. Police found prints on the passenger window and sent them into the lab for analysis.
   July 28: The owner of a business in the 13600 block of Northeast 175th arrived for work in the morning, pulled out her keys to unlock the deadbolt on the back door and discovered that there was no deadbolt. Police responded and went through the ransacked business with the owner.
   Drawers were pulled out and the contents ripped up and thrown around the room. Money from the cash registers as well as several checks were missing. Police were able to lift prints and the case is under further investigation.