Northwest NEWS

August 20, 2001


Shame on you

Shame on you if you are inconsiderate and show no compassion for disabled people. Six times recently I needed disabled parking and cars were illegally parked - no disabled parking permit or disabled license plate.
   I myself am in dire need of such parking so I know firsthand of their importance. When I've approached the "illegal driver" reminding him the parking is reserved for disabled citizens, the usual response is, "Who do you think you are - God?" or "Do you own this parking lot?" No, but disabled parking sure helps when it is so difficult to get around. How I wish these people could walk in my shoes for only one day (really one week).
   There are two options possible to rectify the situation:
   Notify the police. Citizens can call local police giving location, make and color of vehicle, and license plate number.
   Warning tickets. Citizens can submit warning tickets to local police or Department of Licensing. If 2 or 3 warning tickets are submitted for the same car, a fined ticket is mailed to the owner.
   To those of you who do not misuse disabled parking permits and disabled parking signs, thank you very much. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.
   A Concerned Citizen