Northwest NEWS

August 20, 2001


From a grateful mom: thank you

I would like very much to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the kind, wonderful people who helped me with my 5-year-old son last Saturday night at the Safeway in Duvall.
   For those who weren't there, my son was doing what comes so naturally to 5-year-olds and was practicing his one-legged "twirls" (Billy Elliott style) back in the meat section when he apparently misjudged the proximity of the frozen meat locker, hit it with his foot, lost his balance and down he went.
   I heard the sound of skin meeting linoleum and spun around to find him face down on the floor. I thought he had simply lost his balance and maybe skinned a knee, but when I ran to him to give comfort, I saw he was bleeding profusely from his nose.
   It seems he first hit the bridge of his nose on the meat locker before continuing on his way down. I looked around for something to help stop the blood (which to me seemed to be spewing) but unfortunately the rolls of paper towels located above the meat were all out. I had to use my shirt at first, but all of a sudden dry towels, wet towels, words of comfort, offers of cell phone use, popsicles, more towels, and just basic kindness came from everyone.
   Thank you, thank you kind people of Duvall. I am so glad my family and I live in a community where there is such compassion - not just rubber necking and gawking to see what's happening - that people actually stop to help out.
   Oh, and by the way ... it wasn't broken!
   Leslie Utz, Duvall