Northwest NEWS

August 20, 2001


Bothell Arts and Crafts Fair winners

Best of show
   Ivy in Red, oil by Nick Kondo
   People's Choice
   The River by Eva G. Anderson
   First Farm Road by Hal Sutherland
   Second Gastric Carcinoma by Jose Torres
   Third Tranquility by Linda Windham
   First Gardening Pleasures by Sally Ohlsen
   Second Sammamish River in Bothell by Clara Russell
   Third Iris by Muriel M. Sexton
   First Hanging Around by Shirley Stallings
   Second Fashion Girl by Claire Smargiassi
   Third Weaver by Virginia A. Green
   First Flame Tree by Katrina Kruse
   Second Abandoned Barn by Barbara Kalhor
   Third Full Moon Circus by Wendy Leigh
   Sculpture 3D
   First Subsistance Pattern by Jason Morgan
   Second Reflecting Pond
   Third Pamela
   Other 2D
   Second January Eleventh Sunset by Kim Weers
   Second 20 Heads by Julie Gaskill
   Third First Nations Mask by Randy Radock