Northwest NEWS

August 20, 2001


Police Beat

   Aug. 14: Two residents of an apartment complex in the 14100 block of NE 181 Place pulled into the parking lot to see a man get out of his car, pull out a hand gun and fire a round into one of the apartments.
   The suspect then jumped back into his car and sped out of the lot at a high rate of speed. The first witness parked and went up to his apartment to call 911. The second witness was standing outside when the suspect's car returned. From a distance of 15 feet, the suspect exited his car, pulled the gun and pointed it directly at the second witness. The witness dove behind a bush just as the suspect fired another round. The second bullet went through the window next to the witness and lodged in a bedroom closet wall.
   Based on the accurate information on the suspect and his car, police were immediately able to track down the suspect's address.Officers responded to the suspect's Snohomish apartment and arrested the man without incident.
   A search of the suspect's car revealed the weapon used in the shooting.The suspect was booked into jail on first degree assault charges.
   Aug. 11: Police responded to an assault and car jacking in the 13300 block of NE 175th Street. The victim reported to 911 that he had been attacked by two males who then took the keys to his Dodge pickup and fled the scene.
   On the way to the scene, officers were flagged down by witnesses on the Woodinville-Snohomish Road who pointed out a crashed and rolled Dodge pickup.
   The truck rolled and came to rest on the driver's side and was now blocking traffic. Witnesses did not see the accident or see anyone leaving the scene. The K-9 Unit was called in to track the suspect or suspects.
   Officers arrived at the hospital to speak with the victim. As the victim began to tell his story, the police became suspicious due to several inconsistencies in the victim's version. Police also noted that the victim was intoxicated and had a suspended license. The victim gave officers the name of a friend who was with the victim right before the assault occurred.
   Back at the scene, officers noted that the physical evidence did not match with the victim's description of being car jacked. Officers contacted the victim's friend who denied every part of the victim's version.
   After the victim was released from the hospital, police scheduled a follow-up interview at which the victim failed to appear. The case is under further investigation.