Northwest NEWS

August 27, 2001


Police Beat

Aug. 21: Three downtown businesses were vandalized around eight in the evening. Customers and employees heard the sound of windows breaking, but did not see anything suspicious. Patrons at the third business did see a dark Pathfinder driving by at the same time the window broke, but did not see any objects thrown from the car.
   Aug. 20: During the night, a homeowner in the 12900 block of NE 146th Place awoke to the sound of his dog barking and a car driving away. The next morning the victim left for work. Three blocks from his house he came upon his own 1984 Pontiac parked on the side of the road. The man got out to find the driver's side lock punched, the dash cracked and the steering column broken. He attempted to drive the car back home, but the car wouldn't go into gear. The victim called the police who were able to lift prints. The case is under further investigation.
   Aug. 19: Officers conducted a routine traffic stop in the 14000 block of NE 181st Place. The stop resulted in the arrest of the suspect for driving under the influence. During the stop, the officer noticed blood splattered on the exterior of the car. When questioned about the blood, the suspect said that he had a bloody nose the day before at work. This seemed inconsistent with the officer's observations. When the suspect exited the vehicle, the officer noted more blood splattered on the suspect's pants and shirt. A search of the car incident to arrest revealed two blood soaked paper towels stuffed under the driver's seat which appeared fresh. Officers also found a number of women's rings. The case is under further investigation.
   Aug. 18: During regular patrol, officers found a burnt and destroyed shopping cart in the 17900 block of Garden Way. The shopping cart had been set on fire and burned completely to the metal frame.