Northwest NEWS

August 27, 2001


Woodinville Fire welcomes firefighters

by Matthew E. Durham
   Two new firefighters have joined the ranks at Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District (WFLSD).
   James Baca, a naval aviator and avid mountain biker, brings to WFLSD experience usually only read about in action novels. Baca is a U.S. Navy flight officer, lieutenant commander, who flies the EA6B PROWLER. He has flown sorties over Kosovo as well as Iraq.
   He is stationed at the Whidbey Naval Air Station and lives in Oak Harbor with his wife, Juli, and his Dalmatian. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a bachelor's degree in computer Science.
   He hopes to contribute to WFLSD using his knowledge of computers and programming.
   His interests are mountain biking, stock options trading, computers and teaching.