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August 27, 2001

Local News

City of Duvall to hold public hearing for 2002 budget

The city of Duvall will hold a public hearing during the City Council meeting on Sept. 13, 7 p.m., in the Rose Room of the Duvall Library. The purpose of this hearing is to get public input regarding revenue sources and expenditure priorities for the year 2002.
   Discussions will cover the potential impact of Initiative 747, which restricts property tax increases, and the dilemma of rising expenditures due to cost of living increases, versus limited commercial or retail sales tax bases for revenues.
   An estimated preliminary budget will be filed with the city clerk by Sept. 24.
   Public hearings on revenue sources for the coming year's budget, including consideration of possible increases in property tax revenues, will be held in October and November. Copies of the proposed preliminary budget will be made available to the public no later than Nov. 20.
   Final hearings on the proposed budget and adoption of the budget for 2002 will take place at the end of November and in December.