Northwest NEWS

August 27, 2001


Wastemobile at Tolt Middle School in Carnation Sept. 1

   The Household Hazardous Wastemobile will be at Tolt Middle School in Carnation on Saturday, Sept. 1, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is the last Wastemobile visit to the Snoqualmie Valley in 2001. The Wastemobile is funded by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County. There is no charge for disposal.
   Household materials with labels that say DANGER, WARNING or CAUTIONcan put your family, pets and the environment at risk. The best way to reduce your risk is to use fewer toxic products. When there is no safer substitute, buy only what you need and use it up, or dispose of it safely at the Wastemobile.
   Bring pesticides, oil-based paints, toxic cleaning products, aerosols, antifreeze, hobby chemicals, thinners and solvents, latex paint, stains, glues, adhesives and automotive products.
   Don't bring asbestos, explosives, business or apartment maintenance waste, or medical wastes. For everyone's safety, don't mix products, keep products in original containers, label products not in original containers and secure products so they won't leak.For information call the Hazards Line at 206-296-4692.